Challenges and Prizes Community of Practice

About the Group

The Challenges and Prizes Community of Practice is an interagency group of more than 500 U.S. government professionals encouraging innovation in government by promoting challenges, prizes, contests, and competitions.
Sponsoring challenges and other competitions affords exciting ways for government to:
  • solve problems
  • raise awareness
  • develop videos, games, and mobile apps
  • pursue new opportunities to engage with citizens and other nongovernment sectors

Visit the Challenges and Contests section to learn more about how government uses challenges, prizes, and contests.


Members of the Challenges and Prizes COP gather about four times a year to share ideas, review best practices, and discuss policies and procedures. Membership and participation is open to federal, state, and local government. 

On the Web

Listserv Mailing List

The group's listserv announces new challenges and prizes, voting opportunities, challenge results and impact, events, research, resources, and more.

To Join the Group

To join the Challenges and Prizes COP or subscribe to the the group's listserv, contact:
Karen Trebon, Deputy Program Manager

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