Research Groups

Here's a list of government research groups that you may want to join or learn more about.

If you have suggestions for other research groups that should be on this list, please contact us.
  • DoDTechipedia—Forum for DoD scientists, engineers, policy makers as well as contractors, to have a open, collaborative environment to discuss projects in development.
  • NASA - Dashlink—Online home for collaborative research where scientists can share information about systems health and data mining while aiming to help improve aviation safety. 
  • Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science—Joint collaboration between the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and the NASA Ames Research Center, created to conduct basic and applied research in computer science, covering a broad range of research topics of interest to the aerospace community.
  • The Federal Knowledge Management Initiative—Sub–group under the Federal KM Working Group, of over 650 federal employees, contractors, academicians and interested members of the public that enhance collaboration, knowledge and learning in the federal government by implementing knowledge–management.

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