Guidelines for Improving Digital Services and Customer Experience

The Digital Services Advisory Group and the Federal Web Managers Council have developed the following guidelines to meet the 6.1 milestone of the Digital Government Strategy. These guidelines apply to all digital services, including Web, mobile, apps, APIs, and online forms.


Recommended Guidelines

Guideline 1:

Digital Strategy

Ensure digital presence as an integral part of the agency’s overall business, communications, and customer experience strategy

Guideline 2:

Governance, Policies, and Standards

Establish a digital governance structure to provide accountability and enforce policies and standards

Guideline 3:

Cross-Agency Collaboration and Shared Services and Tools

Leverage existing infrastructure, shared tools, best practices, and communities of practice, and coordinate within and across agencies to create efficiency and reduce duplication

Guideline 4:

Technical Considerations

Use the most recent and up-to-date technical standards to deliver a better customer experience

Guideline 5:

Content Quality

Ensure digital content is accurate, relevant, easy-to-use, and conveyed in plain language

Guideline 6:

Open, Sharable Content

Publish information in ways that make it easy to find, access, share, distribute, and re-purpose

Guideline 7:

Usability and Accessibility

Ensure that digital services are easy to use and accessible, including for people with disabilities and those who aren’t proficient in English

Guideline 8:

Privacy and Security

Minimize risks associated with privacy and security

Guideline 9:

User Feedback

Collect and address customer feedback

Guideline 10:


Regularly evaluate all digital products for performance and cost effectiveness


» Digital Strategy Guideline 1: Develop a Digital Strategy

Content Lead: Mike Kruger
Page Reviewed/Updated: December 6, 2012

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