Customer Experience Models

A customer experience model is a blueprint for improving customer service. GSA has developed a model which you can adapt for your own use, so you, too, can "wow" your customers.

Case Studies


There are many examples of government agencies that have made customer service a priority. Please let us know if you have other examples to add to this list.

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—The IRS has done an outstanding job of making something that no one likes to do (paying taxes) easy. Their website features Top Tasks on the home page, and has an extensive help section, with well-labeled topics that make it very easy to find the information you need.
  • Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)—The TSA has done a great job helping people to answer the many questions they have about air travel, including clear explanations of what is OK (or not) to take on a plane. The TSA blog is a shining example of putting a human face on government, because TSA employees answer questions and have real, meaningful conversations with people in this very public forum.
  • The Department of Education consolidated five separate websites into, for an estimated savings of about $1.5 million over 2 years. The new is a one-stop website for information on federal student aid programs. Geared toward students, parents, borrower in repayment, and educators, it teaches people how to apply for aid, repay student loans, and navigate the college decision-making process. The site is available in English and Spanish, and combines content and interactive tools to make it easy to find information. It also features videos and infographics on popular topics. It also uses responsive design to work well on smartphones and tablets.


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