Understand Your Customer

Once you understand your customers, you can build a relationship with them, and "wow" them with awesome service.

Identify Your Customer

  • Who is your customer? What do they need from you?
  • You likely serve many different audience groups - do you know who they are?

What Do They Care About?

  • Find out what matters most to your customers
  • Don't waste time/resources on things they don't care about
  • Which of your products/services are most in-demand?
  • How do people want to interact - online/self-service, in-person, telephone, or...?
  • Once you know what's important, you can focus on delivering what people want, in the way they want it
    • Performance Metrics can help you determine your customer's top tasks
    • Review phone logs and customer emails to find patterns
    • Ask front desk/call center staff what questions people are asking


  • Implement a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to gather feedback
  • The customer "voice" should influence organizational decisions
  • Management support is critical to turn feedback into action


  • Help your customers understand you offer, and what you don't
  • If your agency's mission dovetails with other agencies:
    • Clearly explain your agency's mission on your website
    • Create a thorough "About Us" page
    • Provide links to related info from other agencies
    • Direct customers to USA.gov for an overview of government services

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Page Reviewed/Updated: April 23, 2013

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