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Each of the below widgets is populated by the Social Media Registry—a dynamic tool that tracks the social media accounts managed by federal agencies. The Registry’s API updates a series of Twitter Lists, which in turn offer widgets for the below sets of Twitter accounts. Any federal employee can update the registry.

To embed any of the below widgets on your site, you must create a Twitter account and subscribe to the list that you want to embed. Then, visit the widget page in your settings and create a new widget for this list. The instructions and options on this page will allow you to specify widget size, design, and more. 


Gallery of Widgets 

Department of Agriculture Department of Labor
Department of Commerce Department of State
Department of Defense Department of Transportation
Department of Education Department of the Treasury
Department of Energy Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Health and Human Services National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Department of Homeland Security Business-Related Accounts 
Department of Housing and Urban Development En Espanol Accounts
Department of the Interior U.S. Embassy Accounts
Department of Justice  







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