What It Is

Short videos are used to communicate all kinds of information by way of websites and popular online video-sharing services. Government agencies use video to convey how-to information (such as the videos in the Resources section below), scientific and cultural resources, and news.

Why It's Important

Video is an effective communication tool for reaching our target audiences. Short videos can be produced inexpensively and played on computers and many mobile devices. Video is the communication format of choice for many young people.

Specific Requirements

OMB Policies for Federal Public Websites require agencies (#1A) "to disseminate information to the public in a timely, equitable, efficient and appropriate manner" and (#2A) "maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information and services provided to the public." Web managers should ensure that government videos are captioned and/or transcripts are available to comply with federal accessibility requirements. For more information, read Make Videos, Audio Files, Podcasts, and Other Multimedia Section 508 Compliant and Accessible.

How to Implement

This guide will teach you how to create government videos that are intelligently planned, well–produced, cost–effective, and worth your effort.

Plan Your Video Strategy

Implement Your Video Strategy

Improve Your Video Strategy

Retire Your Video Strategy


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Page Reviewed/Updated: September 30, 2013

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