Video Planning (Pre-Production) Checklist

Video Planning—Step 6 of 6

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□ Develop concept and Statement of Work (planning document)

    • Identify your audience
    • Determine what's the story you're trying to tell
    • Define what will make the video a success and how you will measure success (online viewers? viewer feedback? etc.)
    • Choose where (and on what page) your video will be posted
    • Create a timeline for completion
    • If the entire project rests upon interviews that may be difficult to get, get parties to agree to interviews as early as possible

□ Clear video project with appropriate supervisor/office

□ Create storyboard / script

    • Always create a storyboard before turning on the camera

□ Get storyboard approval from appropriate parties

    • Ensure that everyone is in agreement about the goals and requirements of the project.
    • Consider running your idea by your Public Relations office. They may have helpful resources, including equipment.

□ Reserve the resources

    • Reserve cameras and equipment, production staff
    • Determine your budget for this video project
    • Prepare interview questions (if needed)
    • Set up interviews (if needed)
    • Prepare video release statements
    • Check with your webmaster that you have a 508 compliant video player (link)

□ Finalize location

    • Visit in person beforehand, if possible
    • Find out what approvals you need to film there
    • Show up around the same time of day you plan to do the video
    • Take note of the lighting, ambient noise and other surroundings.
    • Note anything special you will need to bring during the shoot
    • Confirm that you are authorized to take video in the location you are considering
    • Consider partnering with others if the video allows. Local schools may have kids that want to practice their video skills or a local TV station may have footage or equipment you could use.

□ Check and pack your equipment

    • Do you have the appropriate audio and video cables? Are your camera batteries charged?
    • Do you have enough hard drive space on your camera to hold all the video you will shoot?

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