Forum Call: IdeaFactory—Using Social Media to Engage Employees at TSA


Date: January 2010

Tina Cariola, TSA's IdeaFactory

On-Demand Webinar

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The IdeaFactory is an award-winning, Web–based idea generation tool that launched at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in April 2007. It is designed to give employees a voice into the way their agency is run, and to enable two–way communications between field employees and headquarters leadership. The site has a built–in social networking functionality that cultivates an online community and harnesses the "wisdom of the crowds" to expand upon the traditional suggestion box.

Users can submit ideas, provide comments and rate the ideas of their peers. Headquarters leadership and program managers in turn evaluate both ideas users have deemed popular, and ideas that advance strategic goals at the agency. Program offices can then post relevant updates, dispel myths, and explain the reasoning behind their actions, making the site a model of collaboration and transparency in the government. Since launch, employees have told the IdeaFactory program team they find the site valuable and use it to stay connected to what is going on throughout the agency. IdeaFactory is also featured as an example of the Open Government initiative on the online White House Innovation Gallery.

What You'll Learn

In this webinar, TSA IdeaFactory Program Manager Tina Cariola will discuss best practices on implementing Gov 2.0 platforms and running a successful idea generation and collaboration program. You will learn key tips on starting similar programs, and understand best practices for engaging employees and fostering innovation within the government space.

Who Should Attend

This course is for government web managers, IT specialists, senior managers and any other government staff involved with citizen engagement initiatives and agency website operations at any level.

About the Presenter

Tina Cariola is the Program Manager for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)'s IdeaFactory. Cariola leads the efforts for IdeaFactory, TSA's social media tool that leverages employee wisdom to improve security for the traveling public and enhance job satisfaction within the workplace. She has been with TSA for almost seven years, and has focused on internal stakeholder relations for the majority of her career.

Before the IdeaFactory, Cariola was involved with TSA's e–Government office, where she helped TSA to streamline IT platforms for multiple uses, focusing on applications for end-users to make sure they had appropriate tools to meet their needs. Prior to TSA, she was a consultant specializing in customer relationship management and internet strategy. Ms. Cariola holds a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame, and an M.B.A from the University of Maryland.

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