Above and Beyond Metrics: Tell a Story with Reports

Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sarah Kaczmarek, GAO

On-Demand Webinar

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Collecting data about your visitors, engagement, and traffic for your digital services is nothing new. By this time you have a lot of data about your website. Now what? How do you use and present that data to make meaningful recommendations? How do you use the data to tell a story?

Quarterly report writing is a perfect opportunity to look at the impact of your website on a routine basis. In this webinar, you’ll see how GAO’s Sarah Kaczmarek analyzes the data from the 10 recommended performance metrics outlined in the digital metrics guidance. She’ll use Google Analytics to answer key questions about users and make recommendations to ensure they get what they need. In addition, you’ll see how she presents the data in an engaging and compelling way–so that the data tells the story about your digital property.

What You'll Learn

As a participant in this webinar, you'll receive:

  • Information on answering key questions about your website using the performance metrics, including: the reach of your site, engagement of your visitors, source of your traffic, "frequent flyers," hot topics, navigation paths, and more
  • Tips for presenting your data in an engaging manner for all levels of staff
  • Examples of using Google Analytics to find what you need for your report
  • Walk through of a sample quarterly analytics report and weekly analytics report template

About the Presenter

Sarah Kaczmarek is an Analyst at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). She recently completed a detail in the Office of Public Affairs where she developed the agency's process for analyzing and presenting key Google Analytics and social media metrics.  Sarah is now considered the "Analytics Guru" at her agency and is partnering with HowTo.gov to develop trainings to help agencies implement the Digital Analytics Program and digital metrics in support of the Digital Strategy.  Prior to her work in Public Affairs, Sarah completed GAO's two-year professional development program, working on evaluations of various federal government programs.

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