Case Study: How NOAA and Local Agencies Engaged Citizens During Sandy

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

David Miller, NOAA
Genevieve Contey, NOAA
Ben Berkowitz, SeeClickFix

On-Demand Webinar  

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During Hurricane Sandy, federal, state and local agencies collaborated to share crucial storm information with citizens and across government. Join us for this free, webinar where we will talk with two innovative teams who played a critical role in these efforts, and explore what lessons we can apply to future citizen engagement and crisis management efforts.

What You'll Learn  

  • How teams prepared for and are responding to Hurricane Sandy
  • What social media strategies and resources NOAA employed during the storm
  • How private sector innovators can work with government to engage citizens in providing services during a crisis

About the Presenters 

David Miller and Genevieve Contey work at NOAA Headquarters. David is the Director of Corporate Communications and Genevieve is the Deputy Director of Corporate Communications. David and Genevieve manage social media for NOAA corporate-level accounts. They have Tweeted and Facebook'ed their way through Hurricanes Irene, Isaac and Sandy; tornado outbreaks, solar storms, and weather satellite launches—they even survived Shark Week.
Ben Berkowitz is the co-founder and CEO of SeeClickFix. SeeClickFix is a online tool that allows citizens to report non-emergency issues to government. Ben is passionately focused on finding new ways to use technology to increase civic engagement and help people live better.
Ben was named Huffington Post’s 2010 Technology Game Changer, Inc Magazine’s “Entrepreneurs we Love” and Government And Technology Magazine’s Top 25 Innovators for 2011.

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