Three Essential Tips for Creating a Task-Based Website

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Presenter: Gerry McGovern, Consultant

On-Demand Webinar

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In this webinar, Gerry McGovern will cover the following items:

  • Learn about a method that will help you discover whether your customers can complete their top tasks on your website.
  • See how you can apply the navigation design approach to your website that Amazon, BBC and many of the best websites in the world use.
  • Find out how to measure how well search is working on your website, and get valuable tips on how to manage your search engine

What You'll Learn

  • How do you know your customers top tasks are working? You'll learn about a method to measure task success. There are three key metrics to task success:
    • Completion rate: How many customers can actually complete the task on your website?
    • Disaster rate: How many think they've completed the top task but they got the wrong answer?
    • Completion time: Of those who completed the task how long did it take them?

This method of task testing can be done using a remote testing screen-sharing method, thus making it much faster, cheaper and better than traditional lab-based usability testing. Why is remote testing better than lab testing? Attend this webinar to find out.

  • Create a task-based navigation

    The number one objective of all web navigation should be to help people move forward. Each time customers click on a link, all the previous link options should disappear and they should be presented with a new set of links that are related to the link they have just clicked on.

    Learn how the best websites in the world (Amazon and BBC) have refined their task-based, forward-facing navigation. This is actually a very simple but hugely powerful approach that will make your website much easier to navigate.

  • Measure how well your search is working

    The best way to judge the success of search is whether people are finding the most important things (top tasks) they've searching for on your website. And how do you do that? Here's a hint: it's not about the technology.

    The psychology of search (the words people use and what these words mean) is much more important to know than the technology of search. How do you know how well search is working on your website? You will learn a simple but very powerful model for measuring whether people can actually find what they are looking for when they use your search engine.

Who Should Attend

This course is geared to government web managers, at any grade and at any level, in any location.

About the Presenter

Gerry McGovern is widely regarded as the number one worldwide authority on managing web content as a business asset. He has spoken, written, and consulted extensively on web content management issues since 1994. In 2006, Gerry was described by The Irish Times as one of five visionaries who had had a major impact on the development of the Web. In 2006, he received the Educational Contribution award from the Irish Internet Association. In 2004, Gerry was included in the 100 most influential figures in e-commerce in the UK and Ireland, as part of "An Internet Decade," which was organized by NOP World and E-Consultancy. In 2000, he received the Web Ireland Internet Industry Person of the Year award. He is a founding member of the Irish Internet Association and the Content Management Professionals Association. Gerry has written four books. In 2001, he published two books with Financial Times Prentice Hall: Content Critical and The Web Content Style Guide. Design Research News stated that Content Critical "should be on the reading list of every course in web design." Knowledge Management Review described it as a "bible" of content management. In 2006, he published Killer Web Content. Suzanne Sowinska, Manager, Content Publishing Excellence, Microsoft Corporation, described it as "essential reading." Gerry has been nominated as best overall speaker at numerous conferences. He has spoken about content management at hundreds of conferences and workshops in 35 countries. Gerry has appeared on BBC, CNN, and CNBC television, partaken in various radio shows, and featured in numerous print media publications. Previously, he was founder and chief executive officer of Nua, a developer of content management software and solutions. In 1996, Nua received the Best Overall World Wide Web Business Achievement award from the European Union. Since 1996, Gerry has written New Thinking, a widely read weekly e-mail newsletter covering the role of content on the Web. In 1999, Gerry published The Caring Economy (Blackhall Publishing), which was voted 25th out of the top 50 new economy books by Middleton/Capstone. Gerry holds a B.S. from Trinity College, Dublin, and lives in Dublin, Ireland. He maintains a website at:


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