Website Management and Governance

What It Is

Web governance is the structure of people, policies, and processes that manage an agency's website(s). Web governance also defines strategies, roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, and organizational structures.

Why It's Important

The purpose of a government website is to accomplish a goal in support of an agency's mission. Government websites may also support cross-agency or site-specific missions (such as or Good Web governance helps achieve the mission by providing the organizational structure for people, policies, and processes.

How to Implement

Consider the Digital Services Governance recommendations when implementing digital services at your agency.

For agency websites, clear Web governance helps you define how your website contributes to agency mission, how your team is staffed and organized, and how content is managed:


The resources in this section showcase how U.S. government agencies, and state and local governments, are managing their digital assets.


Content Lead: Natalie Davidson and Andrea Sigritz
Page Reviewed/Updated: October 21, 2013

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