Position Descriptions for Web Staff

What are Position Descriptions

A position description is defined by the Office of Personnel Management as "a statement or set of duties and responsibilities that represents a job that must be performed to meet the agency's mission needs. A position or job description has an official series, title, and grade based on the results of a classification determination."

Why Position Descriptions are Important

Accurate position descriptions clearly define expectations for the job. They are a key tool to help you hire people with the skills you need for your Web team.

Sample Position Descriptions for Federal Jobs

This page contains actual position descriptions at federal agencies for Social Media manager, Web Content manager, Web Project manager, among others. Use these samples as templates when writing your Web team’s position descriptions, and modify them according to your team’s needs. 

Detailee/Entry Level/Intern

Director of Web and New Media/Director of Digital Strategy

IT Specialist

Social Media Manager/New Media Manager

Usability Specialist

Web Accessibility Specialist

Web Analytics Specialist

Web Content Manager

Web Designer

Web Project Manager




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Page Reviewed/Updated: November 7, 2013

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