OMB Policies for Federal Public Websites

The Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites (PDF, 48 KB, 5 pages, December 2004), issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), help agencies comply with federal information resource management law and policy, and promote citizen–centered government. Each policy is listed below and links to specific implementation guidance.

OMB Web Policies by Section

Implementation Guidance


Download the OMB Memo and Related Policies

Who Needs to Comply with the Policies

The OMB policies apply to executive departments and agencies and their public websites. They do not apply to intranets or to websites of the judicial or legislative branches, unless specified. See the 2nd paragraph of the OMB policy memo (PDF, 48 KB, 5 pages, December 2004) for a more detailed explanation.

Additional Policies, Laws, and Regulations Related to Federal Public Websites


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