DigitalGov User Experience Program

The DigitalGov User Experience Program, formerly known as First Fridays, teaches federal employees how to make their products and services more user-friendly. A product of GSA's DigitGov program, the User Experience (UX) Program focuses exclusively on improving federal digital products such as websites, mobile sites, and APIs.

What We Do

We offer four services to federal agencies, all at no charge:

Usability Training for Federal Employees 

Focused workshops and webinars help you conduct User Experience activities like audience research, task analysis, and usability tests and evaluations.


Community Building

Our federal usability Community of Practice promotes the use of usability testing in all its forms (lab-based, hallway/quick testing, prototype, free form, etc.) and for all products (desktop, remote, mobile, API). 


Usability Tests and Evaluations 

For high priority sites, our educational tests and reviews show you how to find and fix problems and inefficiencies.


Speaking Opportunities 

Want us to present to your stakeholders or at a critical meeting? Either by webinar or in person, we will discuss how usability can improve government services.


Usability Starter Kit

Get your user experience tests off to a good start with these templates and samples


Results and Case Studies 

See the real impact user experience work can have: money saved, traffic increased, and more happy customers. Or see screenshots of sites before and after usability testing on our Before and After Gallery



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